Quiz: Only the biggest West Ham fans will find this epic shirt numbers quiz a piece of cake

Shirt numbers are a funny thing in football. Not only are they essentially pointless in the modern game now they don’t represent a specific position on the pitch, but they also become almost synonymous with certain players over time.

You can differentiate the two Ronaldos just by referring to the numbers they wore, while the No.6 at England and West Ham will always spark memories of the great Bobby Moore. There is always a shirt number that sparks memories of a certain player, often the most obscure of names, too.

It’s no different at West Ham, whose fans will no doubt think of Mark Noble when they think of the number 16 or will always remember that Dimitri Payet was their N0.27 before things turned sour.

It’s the knowledge we all have in our brains, regardless of the club we support. So, to keep your brains working during the current Covid-19 lockdown, we’re testing Hammers fans’ knowledge of shirt numbers at their beloved West Ham.

Think you’re an expert at squad numbers? Well, prove it…

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