Dodgers: Dave Roberts Confirms Front Office Does Not Make Lineup, Mostly.

One of the better parts of this forced offseason has been the introduction of Joe Davis and Orel Hershiser to the podcast world. The Dodgers’ play-by-play duo teamed up to entertain fans during their free time, and their new show has turned out great. 

In the most recent episode, Davis and the Bulldog sat down with Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts. There was plenty to be said during the interview, but this little tidbit was by far the most interesting piece. 

They do not. They don’t make the lineup. It’s funny, well it became funny early, but four years removed from my first year and we still have that come up which is crazy. But its information as far as ‘hey this guy played six in a row and there’s been tendencies where he gets fatigued and his body doesn’t act right’…I can’t possibly know all of this information that this is something that’s suggested to me, and ultimately I have to make a decision. 

Questions around Roberts’ lineup construction have been pouring in from critics from the moment he was named manager. The Dodgers are one of the more analytical teams, and with the front office in place, it would make sense if Roberts were just the frontman of a broad management team.

But Dave clarified for everyone that he has the ultimate say in the construction of the lineup as long as he has the job. He did note that he takes the information provided by the front office, including the analytics team, to make his decisions. So maybe that’s comforting to you, or maybe that’s more concerning depending on how you feel about Roberts as a manager. But at least we know who to blame when things go wrong now! Or who to thank when things go right. 

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